Cloud Based Content Creator for Digital Signage

Create professional static and animated HTML5 graphics for any screen with Sodaclick’s easy to use, cloud based graphics app. Whether it’s a digital poster promotion for retail, or a digital menu for a global fast food chain, Sodaclick caters for all businesses and brands.

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Content Creator with a Difference

A cloud based graphics app, Sodaclick puts you in the driving seat of your content creation. Design static and animated slides in minutes with rich fonts, shapes, colours, animation presets, and a powerful *web image search.

*Over 1 million high quality royalty free images in partnership with Pexels and Pixabay

Using Sodaclick 4k HTML5 Animated App

Animated Graphics for Digital Signage

Choose from a wide range of customisable animation presets to make your graphics stand out. Sodaclick’s animated templates are easy to use and will save you time when creating your digital menus and posters.

Secure 4K HTML5 Canvas Links for your Digital Signage CMS

Sodaclick outputs the content you make as HTML5 canvas links. These are both secure and high resolution, offering dynamic upscaling up to 4K to fit the biggest screens without *loss of quality. Post your generated digital menus and posters as canvas links to your digital signage CMS media library and use it in any playlist, with no extra setup needed. Make sure to check our compatibility page for compatible devices.

*Upscaling to larger signage screens is most effective when using hi-res images. All text and vectored graphics are upscaled without losing quality.

4k Animated HTML5 graphics of a winged burger

Own the creative process

As well as offering a great, cloud based graphics app for you to create on, Sodaclick and it’s community makes its own design templates. Editable, these cover many categories, are topical, and will help you in delivering your brands message.

Click below to view the sample animated slides

Quick fast editor

A simple smart way to keep all the text in one place. Quickly select and personalise a template without the need to enter the full graphics editor.

Sodaclick -  a quick and fast way to personalise the text in the slide.

Unlimited, Auto Updates

Update your designs from the Sodaclick cloud based graphics app without accessing your CMS playlist or network. Simply load the design, make any necessary modifications and the HTML5 canvas link will automatically update throughout your CMS securely.

NHS GP at hand white slide HTML5 Graphics
Sodaclick in app selection publish state
NHS GP at hand blue slide HTML5 Graphics

Optimised for all devices

Creating content for your digital signage screens has never been easier. Sodaclick’s cloud based graphics app was designed to give you a full on experience no matter what device you use. Start creating digital menus and posters for your digital signage screens today using your phone, tablet or computer.

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