Compatible Devices

The Sodaclick Canvas Link is the most integral part of the whole process of displaying content to any connected display.

Sodaclick and our partners have been working hard to ensure that the Sodaclick Canvas Link is compatible with all major devices used within the digital signage industry. From built in SoC's to external players whether entry level or high end, our platform should be ideal.

At Sodaclick we use HTML5 to generate Canvas Links, however we are aware that some clients might be using older or outdated browser engines on their systems. But fortunately we have you covered! Sodaclick's extensive work with our partners and engineers have come up with a solution!! We made sure that all our generated Sodaclick Canvas Links are backward compatible with all browsers.

Please have a look at the following list of devices tested by us and our partners, we hope you will enjoy using Sodaclick.

  • Samsung F-series
  • Samsung E-series
  • Samsung D-series
  • Samsung Tizen 3.0
  • Samsung Tizen 4.0
  • LG webOS 4.0
  • IADEA model 7300 XMP
  • Philips D lines
  • BrightSign LS3
  • BrightSign XT3
  • Electron
  • Chrome OS
  • Sodaclick Ltd.

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